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So maybe it’s the egg nog or just the promise of the New Year, but I seem to find inspiration in so many things this time of year. This week, I was inspired by this unopened box.

This box contains the green screen I had ordered for the strategy training series I’m launching in the spring. It was a big mental step for me to order the green screen, and I was rather proud of myself for having taken it.

But that was two months ago. And the unopened box has been just sitting there!

What I find so interesting about this unopened box is what it represents. It represents either the significant growth potential for my business or the fear and risk of a failed launch. Or perhaps both.

Until I open it, I won’t know. And in some ways, that feels comfortable. But I know that everything I want lies on the other side of fear and comfort.


What Unopened Boxes Do You Have In Your Life?


Do you have dreams and goals you’ve boxed up and stored away until you:

  • have more time
  • save more money
  • get more training
  • send your kids to college
  • gain more experience
  • or any other reason that sounds reasonable

It doesn’t matter the reason; not one of them serves you.

There is no good reason for not working right now on realizing your dream, even if it’s just taking the smallest step forward. A small step toward achieving your dream is ANYTHING but small.

You can do it; you must do it. The world needs you to.

So what box will you open?

Bust out the box cutters, and let’s get to work on making 2020 a fantastic year!

Work well,