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The new year is almost upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited! The hope of the new year, setting new goals and intentions, what could be more exciting?

I’m a colossal planning geek, and I’m always trying to uplevel my annual work/life goal planning. Last year, I tried a new approach, and it was such a game-changer for me, I have to share it with you.

Check out the video below to see my 2020 Planning Template in action or you can just keep reading if you need a bit more convincing. Either way, be sure you click on the link at the bottom to get access to the 2020 Planning Template. It’s a great foundational tool you can customize for what works best for you.


What’s So Great About My 2020 Planning Approach?


My planning approach grounds 2020 goals and objectives within a bigger context; it incorporates execution, and; it includes a reflection process.

Every December, I used to dive right into setting goals and objectives for the coming year without much regard for the bigger picture. (The irony that my work is strategic planning is not lost on me.) Last year, I decided to take a step back before setting my goals and really think about my “why”. I didn’t want to chase what I thought I was supposed to be chasing. I wanted my goals to be grounded in what mattered most to me and to serve my bigger picture.

What is my purpose in life?” seemed like too big a nut for me to crack, so I decided instead to ask the question, “What are the intentions in my life with respect to financial freedom, relationships, physical health, mental/mindset health, and spirituality/mission?” I thought about those areas of my life and what they would look like if I were living my life to the fullest.

From those intentions, I created my 2020 Vision for each intention and ultimately, my 2020 Goals and Objectives. Here’s an outline of my 2020 Planning Template:



  • Top 5 Intentions
  • 2020 Vision for Each Intention
  • 2020 Goals and Objectives


  • Habits Required to Support Achieving Goals/Objectives
  • 12-Week Action Plan
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • Study Plan


  • Monthly Review
  • Lessons Learned (Books, Podcasts, Training)
  • Accomplishments

Download the 2020 Planning Template

I’ll send you a download with the link to the template and the 3 easy steps to get you started.

This is a magical time of the year. It’s a time to make peace with the past, focus on becoming the best possible version of ourselves and start achieving our impossible goals. But none of that will materialize without planning, hard work, and discipline. I hope this 2020 Planning Template can be a small part of helping you make 2020 your best year ever!

Please share your thoughts with me on this, and if you’ve found this information helpful, you can help me get the word out by using the links provided and sharing it with a colleague.¬† ¬†Thanks!

Work well,