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I’ve always admired those who seemed to know their purpose in life from an early age. Imagine the focus and the clarity that comes from knowing your “why” out of the gate!

And then there are people like me. People like me “find” our purpose along the way.

I’ve always hated the idea of finding purpose as if it were a treasure hunt. And if I hadn’t discovered it yet, I must not be looking hard enough.

The problem with this idea is that it puts the solution outside of yourself. It’s something external to be found. Why would we turn over that power to something we don’t control?

What if we stopped trying to find purpose? Searching is exhausting.

Instead, what if we decided to create our purpose; in pencil.

Create Your Purpose In Pencil

I love the idea of creating my purpose by deciding what feels right at this moment. It’s not a permanent decision that I must get entirely right because I can never change it. I determine my Northstar for this season in my life, and then I can align my work, priorities with that.

Now, I have the power.

Creating my purpose in pencil gives me space and permission to realign my “why” as I evolve. It also combats the inertia that can result from waiting to find that perfect, profound purpose that we think is worthy enough.

If you’re struggling to “find your purpose,” try making a decision. Decide what it will be in this moment, for this season. Create your purpose in pencil so you can kickstart the “doing part” of living your purpose.

Ultimately, we find our purpose through doing, not searching.


I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts and experiences in your quest to find your purpose!


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